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pranie dywanów wrocław

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The night of April 30 to May 1 was warm. Robbed of the stars of the sky, black as tar heralded not anything extraordinary, but above the clouds things happened, to which normal inhabitants Wasonz in California had no right to have access to.
Two pranie dywanów wrocław branches of angels flying toward you, slowly and majestically. On the front of each of them were commanders pranie dywanów wrocław of two meters long swords, clothed in white robes, which shone armor. The length and weight of the steel swords was not an obstacle for them because they were several times taller than the average person, and their muscles glistened in the light of the stars and the moon as forged iron. Their faces were beautiful, did not express any emotion, but a perfect, sharp features gave them jammed and a serious expression. Hair tousled by the wind, even though they were in disarray and hung them on the forehead and eyes, were also the essence of manhood.
Behind them, in thirty equal rows of thirty angels in each, were flying warriors, angels, not so majestic, haughty and pedantic, but comparable in stature to his superiors. Those in front had bows and quivers is completely filled with glittering silver, this bloody glow arrows. Angels at the ends of branches pranie dywanów wrocław were armed with swords similar to those that carried the commander, but apparently forged from inferior quality material. No self-respecting angelic strategist did not attach importance to their arms, usually angels were convicted, sent to battle just to be blotted out.
Branches stopped within a hundred meters of each other and began to show that the Earth has not seen and probably will never see. Commander flew to each other, shook hands, and at the same time spoke the words: “May God judge the dispute.” then returned to his troops, and if reading opponent mentally released at the same time ordered the attack. Flashed steel and angelic throats tore a melodic and beautiful battle cry. Angels moved slowly toward each other. As with bows and arrows flew the first angel was killed, the ground was struck by lightning. That night, they could still eighteen hundred, though asleep exceptional power Wasonz residents have not noticed any. For them, the night was calm and the air in their homes until heavy with silence. I do not hear the barking of dogs, the rustle of leaves or even the buzzing of insects.
Caro woke up as usual late for school. She took a quick shower, packed up what you need and ran out of the house, pranie dywanów wrocław but what she saw was not what she expected. The day was warm but crisp like after the storm. The sun without covering any cloud. She looked around and stopped dead. Her car, a black Impala, which was bought for money stepfather, inspired by the show “Supernatural” was crushed. On its roof was lying shirtless man, who, as it seemed at first glance, not dead, but when she noticed a slow pulse of the veins on his neck. ‘What the hell is that? “She thought, turning on his heel and ran to the house to call an ambulance.
Stumbling on a carpet rolled up, Caro long skidding came to the phone. Automatically tapped out “112” and nervously tapping his fingers on the tabletop kitchen table standing against the wall with the phone, waiting for the call. Finally, the other end of the phone said the female, a little tired voice.
– Excuse me, can I help you?
– In my car, a man, it looks as if dropped from a great height, at first I thought he was dead, but I noticed a pulse. I do not know what to do with it, I do not know what happened and how to help him. Please send an ambulance. Stormy 19 – threw in a just the right pace, which means that the whole issue brought out of her mouth in less than half a minute.
– Can you repeat two times slower? – Telephonist said quietly.
– Male. On the car. He’s alive. Barely. Carriage. On stormy 19
– That’s better, I will send an ambulance. Please do not panic and see if the person is conscious.
Caro slowly hung up. The pranie dywanów wrocław hospital was far away, so expect an ambulance for no more than ten minutes. She therefore to the terrace, where she found the same view as a few minutes. She walked closer to the car and still lying on the man. He was about twenty-eye, top twenty-five. He was tall – he was the roof of the car, with the legs they broke the windshield. He had blond hair and a swarthy complexion. He began to give more and more signs of life. Slowly moving his fingers, his eyes were moving restlessly under the eyelids, abdomen rose and fell with each breath barely łapanym.
– Are you awake? Can pranie dywanów wrocław you hear me? – Asked Caro.
The man’s eyes opened to the hundredth of a second, and expressed dismay. He sat up sharply, but a few seconds later, again unwittingly fell on his back, he had broken ribs, that’s for sure. When he picked up the girl saw that it was really powerful stature. He had at least one meter ninety. He took several deep breaths, as if he needed time to digest all the information that reached him during this short time.
– Do you see me? – Asked, clearly intrigued and frightened. His eyes wandered around the neighborhood.
– Of course! Why would not I like to see the big guy who almost wiped my car into the ground.
– But it’s impossible! pranie dywanów wrocław The battle died, angels, yet I … No, it’s a trick. It Nadesar boggles my mind …
More said, he lost consciousness leaving Caro completely compacted guard. What he raved? Probably has a concussion … Nadesar, what is it? New drug? Her thoughts stopped an ambulance siren.
– Well at last. – Said under his breath and walked into the street to wave at the driver and steer it in the right way.
After a moment, a mysterious man has already brought in to the ambulance, and Caro told everything that happened this morning to some szpakowatemu rescuer. When the carriage drove away Caro remembered the school and the fact that just passes the math. She thought that the teacher, the Black Mamba, as they said everyone in her school because of her black hair and always dark dress, it will take revenge on her for today’s absence until the end of the year, but despite the loss of her beloved car Friday morning without mathematics portends a good weekend.
Come to school on foot. When the bell rang just entered on the break and three hundred “filled with knowledge” of pranie dywanów wrocław bodies poured into the hallways. First graders, as usual, came to the school’s shop to buy lunch, their older colleagues worked out some tasks while sitting against the wall, and her peers split up in groups after school. Several girls from the parallel class passed her giggling as she walked into the gym, where I always used to sit with her friends during breaks. There were two couches that needed to be taken no later than one minute after the bell, because then there was no chance of even a crouching on the back. Maja and Tamara pranie dywanów wrocław was talking with a handsome natural teacher who was about to change in this corridor. When I finally stopped flirting with him, she pranie dywanów wrocław managed to pull them into a corner and talk about what happened in the morning. She paused for a long time to describe the appearance of a mysterious man.
– Damn, Caro, the angel fell from the sky on your car, angel! – Tamara exclaimed. Caro did not yet know that her friend hit this statement in “hell spot.”